Online Bible Studies

"Angels & Demons"
with Pastor Peter Cage, Oct-2020 - Jan-2021

Pastor Cage discusses what the Bible teaches us about angels, the "messengers" of God. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they come from? And so also demons, the fallen angels who follow Satan's deceitful, evil will. As in all revelation of Scripture, Christ is the central figure. Angels point us toward Christ while demons point us away from Christ.

Session #1 (38:08)   Intro and summary of NT witness of angels & demons
Session #2 (39:18)   Triune God, creator of all, even heavenly "hosts" (Ne 9)
Session #3 (36:58)   Angels in God's presence serve and worship Him (Is 6)
Session #4 (37:18)   Angels are spirits; may appear in human form (Gn 18)
Session #5 (32:17)   Angels do not procreate (Gen 6); Demons deceive us
Session #6 (40:00)   Malak Yahweh, The Angel of the LORD (Gen 1621)
Session #7 (40:33)   Malak Yahweh is God, "I AM" (Ex 3; Judg 6; Judg 13)
Session #8 (26:31)   Angels present in worship of God (1 Tim 5; Lk 2; Rev 5)
Session #9 (35:54)   Angels join with church on earth in worship (Heb 12)
Session 10 (32:26)   Ranks and myriad numbers of angels (Dan 7, Matt 26)

"The Gospel of Isaiah"
with Pastor Peter Cage, Sep-2020 - Jan-2021

Pastor Cage leads the Wednesday afternoon study of the Old Testament (OT) book of the prophet Isaiah. More specifically, this study looks at the prophecies of Isaiah through the lens of the New Testament (NT) gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The four gospels are filled with references and direct quotes from the book of Isaiah, which is the most referenced of all OT books in the NT. Jesus himself quotes Isaiah. The Holy Spirit led the gospel writers to recall the words of Isaiah as they recorded the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecies revealed to Isaiah in the person and work of Jesus Christ, Son of God. Reference: Isaiah-Outline.pdf

Session #1 (56:32)   Intro - Isaiah in the gospels and the lectionary readings
Session #2 (57:06)   "Isaiah" means "The LORD (Yahweh) is salvation"
Session #3 (49.23)   Jesus "lifted up" in death; suffering servant (Jn 12Is 53)
Session #4 (62:41)   Astounding detail of Christ's atonement for us in Is 53
Session #5 (62:20)   Unbelief in Jesus, God in the flesh, foretold (Jn 12, Is 6
Session #6 (62:05)   Setting the stage of God's sign to king Ahaz (2 Kings 16)
Session #7 (58:12)   God's sign, 'Immanuel' (God with us) given (Matt 1, Is 7)
Session #8 (60:04)   Isaiah speaks God's sign to faithless Ahaz (Matt 1, Is7)
Session #9 (61:44)   Jesus, the righteous "branch" , "Nazar"ene (Matt 2, Is 11)
Session 10 (55:05)   The Branch (Jesus) described (Zech 6, Is 53, Is 11)
Session 11 (60:00)   Sin and death defeated, peace restored by Jesus (Is 11)
Session 12 (63:54)   God's comfort & pardon of sin proclaimed (Matt 3, Is 40)
Session 13 (59:09)   The light of the world, Jesus, is foretold (Matt 4, Is 9)
Session 14 (62:09)   Jesus proclaims that He fulfills prophecy (Lk 4, Is 61)
Session 15 (61:08)   God's favor and the restoration of all in Christ (Is 61)

"Predestination - God's Election of Grace"
with Pastor Peter Cage, Aug-Sep-Oct 2020

Pastor Cage takes up the topic of "predestination", God's predetermined action to console us, amid all temptations and distress, that He has worked our salvation for us completely, thus assuring us that we are saved solely by His grace and not by anything that we do. God made this determination before the creation of the world to grant us patience, hope, and encouragement.

Session #1 (25:47)   Defining predestination - Lutheran Formula of Concord
Session #2 (32:37)   God's choosing (election) is done out of love (Eph 1)
Session #3 (35:14)   Baptism is the seal and guaranty of our election (Eph 1)
Session #4 (39:56)   Comparitve views of predestination
Session #5 (35:17)   Jesus, the Book of Life, is universal grace recvd by faith
Session #6 (35:40)   Our comfort in Christ, elected and sure (1 & 2 Thes)
Session #7 (34:33)   Self-election by doing the law vs God-election by grace
Session #8 (32:08)   How do you know you're going to heaven? (John 3:16)
Session #9 (35:31)   Final: What can separate us from God? (Romans 8)

"St. Paul - Persecuter and Preacher"
with Pastor Peter Cage, June-July 2020

Pastor Cage studies the apostle Paul, first as a persecutor of the followers of Christ and subsequently a called apostle, evangelist and missionary of Jesus Christ.

Session #1 (40:22)    Saul/Paul speaks of his persecuting the "Way" (Acts 22)
Session #2 (45:16)    Saul, "breathing threats", confronted by Jesus (Acts 9)
Session #3 (37:02)    The "gift" of abundant sufferings (various Epistles)
Session #4 (35:38)    A catalog of sufferings bind Paul (us) to Christ (2 Cor. 6)
Session #5 (48:55)    Paul and Silas imprisoned at Philippi (Acts 16)
Session #6 (45:21)    Paul's sufferings at Philippi for the sake of Christ
Session #7 (46:51)    Paul's return to Jerusalem (Acts 21)
Session #8 (44:36)    Paul arrested at the Jerusalem temple (Acts 21 & 22)
Session #9 (40:18)    Final session; Paul - prisoner & proclaimer of Christ

"The Miracles of Jesus"
with Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer, May-June 2020

Dr. Scaer talks about the miracles of Jesus as written in chapters 8 and 9 of the gospel of Matthew.

Session #1 (16:34)    Ten miracles of mercy & healing that "cleanse"
Session #2 (15:34)    Miracles as signs of resurrected bodies & souls
Session #3 (12:03)    The ultimate cost of our healing is Jesus' death
Session #4 (17:09)    A storm rocks the boat (the church); Jesus saves
Session #5 (17:49)    Jesus frees from the bondage of demons (sin)