This Week at St. Paul's

For Next Sunday: Amos 7:7−15, Ephesians 1:3–14, Mark 6:14–29


July 8 – Pentecost VII (Proper 9B) – The Heavenly Father fashions crowns from thorns (2 Corinthians 12:9). In His steady hands, human pains have sacred purposes. What most would dismiss as burdensome, hopeless, futile, the God of the Cross adopts and adapts into blessing, holy, significant. He Who redeems hearts redeems hurts as well, whether crises or incurable or even crimes against life, to display His forgiving salvation. Almighty God, shape us into examples of Your power perfected in weakness and place us as its ambassadors. Amen.


Order Your LSSI Justice Bread Today: -Your choices are: Herb Onion, Rye and Cinnamon.

Ordination of Paul Morrison Next Sunday: Paul Morrison will be ordained at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Paul will be serving as pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, PA.  Join us Sunday, July 15 at 4pm! 

Serving in Our East Central Neighborhood: There are so many opportunities to serve. Please consider joining with the Laborers for Christ working on homes in our neighborhood. Consider helping a family with financial literacy coaching. Another way to help is through financial support by giving a donation made payable to St. Paul’s and note “Housing Project” in the memo area. Envelopes are located on the front desk, glass case in the narthex and small tables near the entrances. To learn more about the various ways that you can contribute to this project with your gifts, times, and talents, please contact: Doug Schwartz at 260-437-8682 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Keep updated by visiting our blog at

Life Defenders Training begins July 13-14th: This overnight event, open to high school and college-aged students, equips young people to speak confidently and graciously to the most pressing moral issue of our time - abortion. The $35 registration fee includes meals, dorm room housing, teaching materials, and a Life Defenders t-shirt. Hosted at University of St. Francis. To Register Visit: www.ichooselife.  

Fireworks Party on Saturday, July 21 at 7pm: Bring your lawn chairs to the playground on July 21 at 7 pm to enjoy kids games, snacks, music, and the best view of the fireworks in town. Ice cream, snacks, and the Schuelers' famous kettle corn will be available for purchase.  7th-12th youth...we need your help with the food and games.  Contact Kantor Hildebrand at 260-739-2672. 

St. Paul’s S.W.A.T. Team Needs Youth: Calling all middle and high school students! Volunteer to help the S.W.A.T team (Sweep Weed & Trim) maintain the church and school campus.  Just bring your gloves and pruning shears.  Call Dan Wietfeldt at 623-6682 or Don Selking at 385-2340 to get involved.  

Altar Flowers’ Openings on July 22 & August 5 & 26: Please sign up for Altar or Chancel flowers. Monthly signup sheets are located in the Flower Order Binder on the counter near the elevator.  Cost is $40.00. Please make checks payable to St. Paul’s Altar Guild and place the checks in the locked Altar Guild mail slot in the church office area. Flowers are available to pick up after the second service. Questions: please call Lynn Wehrenberg 432-0846.

For Our College Students- Pick Up a Green Sheet to Sign Up! College is tough and we all need Jesus! The Indiana District can help! We are gathering information in order to support all of our students during this transitional time. This information will be shared with the LCMS ministries near the school you or your student will be attending. Our goal is to connect all of our students with the Word of Christ and other Lutherans attending their school. Pick up a student information form from the front desk or on the glass case in the narthex or sign up online at

Electronically Giving Options for Travelers: Travelers keep up with regular offerings by giving electronically. Just as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, St. Paul’s relies on your regular contributions. St. Paul’s appreciates the efforts of congregation members to make consistent donations throughout the year–especially during popular summer travel periods.  To assist you, the church provides a convenient electronic giving option for setting up regular contributions.  Please contact the church office for details or pick up your Authorization form located on the front desk

Thrivent Members with Choice Dollars: If you’re an eligible Thrivent member with Choice Dollars available to designate, you can help by directing your choice dollars to work at St. Paul’s and in our community. If you are uncertain of your eligibility, visit Or contact your local Thrivent Financial representative. Another simple option is to pick up a form from the magazine rack hanging on the wall outside the church office. Just complete and mail the form directly to Thrivent. 

Please Consider Serving at St. Paul’s: Work with others as you serve the church. Call the church office for more information 423-2496.